Chef Crazy Bill: Frozen Cannabis Treats

Although summer is coming closer to an end and a new school year is just around the corner, the warm weather is here to stay! While you’ve been enjoying your summer days lounging by the pool and sleeping in, Chef ..

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How To Use Cbd Oil

With the legalization of marijuana in Canada in 2018, the use of CBD oil has become increasingly popular and is being considered more and more for conditions such as muscle aches, pain, anxiety, better sleep and even c..

Chef Crazy Bill: Smokin' Summer Smoothies

Let us just start this off by mentioning that the smoothies we outline below, don’t literally smoke but in our books, they may as well! Summer has finally arrived and Crazy Bill has been spending some time in the kit..

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How To Inhale Marijuana

For all of you weed enthusiasts who have been smoking for years, bear with us as we welcome and walk through any marijuana newbies that have joined us on how to properly inhale the good stuff so that they can get higher. Besides, you..

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Interview With Trex Glass

I had the Opportunity to meet Up with Trevor Wasik @TREXGLASS on Instagram T-rex as it’s supposed to be pronounced , yup Like the dinosaur but we will get in to that a little bit later. Trevor, 31 lives less then 1hr west of T..

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High On Summertime

We’ve officially entered the dog days of summer with long weekends and celebrations just around the corner. Summertime, for most of us, is a time for leisure and relaxation, two things that can be greatly enhanced with the help..

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Happy Father's Day!

From the foodie to the chill dad, we have the Father’s Day gift guide for the world’s greatest dads out there. Do you smoke with your dad? Maybe you know your pop smokes, but you haven’t shared that special bonding ..

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5 First Time Cannabis User Mistakes To Avoid

Even though cannabis use is pretty widespread these days, there are still a lot of people who have never tried smoking pot (we see you Grandma!). For many, the idea seems intimidating and although the jury is out on whether or not ca..

Cannabis and Medicine
How Cannabis Can Bring Relief To Common Aches And Pains

We’ve heard this time and time again, cannabis is a great medicinal help to more serious ailments like cancer, seizures, ADHD and more. We bet you didn’t know that cannabis can also be a good thing to help with the common..

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Get Fit With Marijuana

Summer bod or summer bong? Now you don’t have to choose! With summer just around the corner, now is the time to get your butt in shape and your body ready for those beach days in bathing suits. Some people think you have to cho..

Cannabis and Medicine
Boost Your Mental And Physical Health With Marijuana

Mary Jane has long been the centre of controversy. Fortunately with its legalization in Ontario, the drug continues to inch towards the positive spotlight with evidence constantly emerging that suggests the main compounds of mar..

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Dreaming In Cannabis

Dreaming… it’s a weird concept to understand and for many, we have a love/hate relationship with the idea. This seems to be especially true within the cannabis community. It seems that anyone who consumes cannabis either..