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  • Portable Vaporizer Arizer Air II Blue
    Portable Vaporizer Arizer Air II Black

    Arizer Air II

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    Arizer Air II Vaporizer

    Limited 2-Year Warranty
    Portable, powerful, and pure, the Air II is an easy-to-use vaporizer built with user-friendly technology. Made in Canada, the Air II has been engineered to have a mightier performance than its predecessor, the original Arizer Air vaporizer; it has been upgraded to have a 50% higher battery life and faster heat up time. A simple digital interface lights the way for every session, while total temperature control allows for custom sessions every time you reach for the Air II. The freedom to dial-in a precise temperature allows the user to explore various flavors and vapor profiles.
    An isolated airpath and kit of borosilicate glass aroma tubes maximize flavor, purity, and the “true vaporization” experience Arizer is known for. Compact and convenient, the Air II’s glass tubes feature a rubber cap so you can pre-pack bowls for on-the-go use. This portable vaporizer guarantees smooth, flavorful vapor with every puff!
    How it Works
    Gently push and twist Glass Aroma Tube into a small container filled with finely ground herb to fill the dish. Preheat your Air before inserting any glass tubes. Press the power button and set the desired temperature. With a slow and steady draw, inhale through the tube and enjoy the true Arizer experience!
    Flip your device upside down to empty any leftover materials. Use the stainless steel tool to clean the Glass Aroma Tube and the Aroma Dish. Other glass parts can be cleaned with isopropyl alcohol and rinsed with warm water. Leave out to dry.

  • Crazy Bill's Cannabis Culture - Arizer Air Portable Vaporizer
    Arizer Air Portable Vaporizer

    Arizer Air Portable Vaporizer

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    Ultra-compact & lightweight, easy to operate & maintain, and completely portable, the Arizer Air features a high quality ceramic heating element, high quality glass dishes, and high quality rechargeable, interchangeable lithium batteries.  Offering an hour of continuous use per charge, plus the ability to use the unit while charging the battery, and the option to have spare batteries fully charged, the Arizer Air is ideal for day to day use at home and on the go!

    A wide range of parts and accessories lets you customize and protect your Arizer Air so you can be prepared for any situation!


    1 x Warming unit with battery

    • 1 x Charger / Power Adapter
    • 2 x Glass Diffuser Stems
    • 1 x Glass Aroma Dish
    • 1 x Carrying Case
    • 1 x Clear Protective Silicone Skin
    • 1 x Stainless Steel Stirring Tool
  • $2.99$49.99

    Arizer Air Replacement Parts


    Arizer Air Replacement Parts Each Sold Separately


    • All Glass Aroma Tube
    • Glass Aroma Tube with Tip
    • Battery
    • Charger and Power Adapter
    • External Dual Battery Charger
    • Silicone Sleeves
    • Mouthpiece Tips
    • Aroma Dish
  • Arizer Extreme Q TV201
    Arizer Extreme Q TV201

    Arizer Extreme Q (Quiet Edition)

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    New Quiet Fan
    New ‘Midnight Chrome’ Finish
    Cooler, more compact design
    Now with Three Year Manufacture Warranty
    New clear view LCD Screen
    Now with ‘fast heat’ ceramic heating
    Precise temperature control, now with triple heat sensors
    Redesigned with Solid State Circuitry
    50% more energy efficient

  • $7.99$39.99

    Arizer Extreme Q Replacement Parts


    Arizer Extreme Q Replacement Parts Each Sold Separately


    • 3ft Whip
    • Balloon Kit
    • Glass Cyclone Bowl
    • Tuff Bowl
    • Whip Kit
    • Elbow Adapter
    • Mini Whip
    • Stirring Stick
    • Remote Control
    • Power Adapter
    • Screen Pack
    • Mini Whip Set
    • Balloon Mouthpiece
    • Whip Mouthpiece
    • Heating Cover
  • $199.99

    Arizer Solo

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    The Arizer Solo is a Portable-Handheld Heater that utilizes a rechargeable Lithium Ion battery and features a ceramic heating element and a high quality Glass Stem.

    Utilizing a sleek and compact design concept, the Solo measures 4.5 “ in Height and 1.75” in Diameter, conveniently fitting inside the palm of your hand.

    A rock solid outer shell accompanies the Solo protecting the unit from scratching and general wear and tear. Internally, a solid foundation surrounds the ceramic heating element, adding an extra layer of durability.

    • Easy to use
    • Compact & lightweight design
    • Completely portable – no cords or wires
    • High quality Lithium Ion Battery – 1 – 2 Hours of continous use!
    • LED Temperature Control System
    • Utilizes glass instead of plastic
  • $289.99

    Arizer Solo II

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    Airzer Solo II is Now Available!

    The Solo II Features:

    • High Power- Reliable all-day vaping with up to 20 uses per charge! Heats up 3x faster with improved airflow. Hits Harder. Thicker Clouds!
    • Boro-Silicate Glass- High Quality Medical Grade Components and all-glass vapor path delivers pure and tasty vapour.
    • Portability- Comfortable & Ergonomic Design. Compact, Lightweight & Durable!
    • Precision- Custom Session Settings (only from Arizer) and precise temperature control adjustable in 1-degree and 10-degree increments give you the freedom of choice without the need for apps or gimmicks.

    Available in Carbon Black & Mystic Blue.

  • $17.99$69.99

    Arizer Solo Replacement Parts


    Arizer Solo Replacement Parts Each Sold Separately


    • Glass Aroma Tube (Curved)
    • Glass Aroma Tube (Straight)
    • Battery
    • Charger
    • Car Charger
    • Power Adapter w/ Cord
  • $139.99

    Atmos Studio Rig

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    The Studio Rig is a portable attachment made to fit most box mods and mod batteries. It features a unique system that allows you to swap out a variety of different heating chambers, including a true high-grade titanium nail chamber, for wax consistency products, and an additional embedded ceramic chamber for dry herbs. The Studio Rig’s glass attachment filtrates and cools the vapor, moving it through the percolator to create smooth and flavorful draws. With an unrivaled versatility and a completely solder-free composition containing some of the finest materials available, the Studio Rig establishes itself as one of the world’s premiere true vaping attachments.

  • $16.99$39.99

    Atmos Studio Rig Replacement Parts


    Atmos Studio Rig Replacement Parts Each Sold Separately


    • Magnetic Cap/ Packing Tool
    • Connecter Chamber
    • Dry Chamber
    • Titanium Nail
    • Wax Chamber
  • dabbing vaporizers - Crazy Bills - Brantford
    dabbing vaporizers - Crazy Bills - Brantford

    Bolt by Dabado

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    Built on innovation and the vision to reduce countless years of inefficiency from dabbing; DABADO was founded with the mission to bring the world a healthier, more effective, and desirable way to dab. Removing torches, bulky e-nails, and combining traditional dabbing methods into an all in one portable device, is what every dabber has been waiting patiently to see. We’ve combined our experiences with thousands of other dabbers, to deliver technology for the next generation of portable dabbing devices and user’s alike. This is bolt


    Full ceramic tops

    Battery lasts up to 45-50 dabs

    Heats up in 30 seconds to desired dabbing temp

    Reaches up to 980*F

    All in one and portable


    1x Protective Carrying Case
    1x Dabado Wax Container
    1x Magnetic Carb Cap with Dab Tool
    1x Glass Attachment
    1x Ceramic Nail
    1x Ti-Nail
    1x Quartz Nail
    1x Magnetic Stand
    1x Replacement O-Rings
    1x USB Charging Cable

  • $399.99

    Cloud Electro Portable E-Nail

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    Cloud V brings you a sturdy design coupled with an exceptional function. This portable e-nail is the perfect alternative for your traditional nail setup. With ergonomic design, powerful battery, speedy heat-up functionality, we are confident you are going to enjoy using this vaporizer anytime, anywhere!

    Cloud Electro Kit includes:
    Cloud Electro Battery
    Cloud Electro Aqua Bubbler
    Charging Base
    Charging Cable
    Charging Adapter
    Cloud V Pro Tool
    1 Quartz Nail
    1 14mm Ti Nail
    Owner’s Manual

    The Cloud Electro has a 1.6″ diameter and a 11″ height. It has 6000mAh rechargeable battery capacity and titanium dish nail.

    2 temperature settings:

    Blue Setting: 800F

    Red Setting: 1000F