Answers to questions our famous Bill is asked often

How did you come up with your store name and the headshop aspect?

We wanted to open a convenience store, which is the current Brantford location and people said “you’re crazy Bill” for wanting to do that and so Crazy Bill stuck.

For the headshop aspect, my sons were blowing glass and needed a way to get their brand and art out to the public and so one cabinet of glass slowly turned in to what we have now.

What is your favourite vaporizer?

My favourite would have to be the Da Vinci Ascent because it offers the best of both worlds for herbs and concentrates.

What is the craziest question you've ever been asked?

I had a customer ask if he could use our ‘secret room’ in the basement – I told him sure go right ahead and when he returned he was disappointed that it was only a washroom and storage area- his friends had duped him.

Do you plan on expanding?

We hope to expand in the future but to still keep it family based and not franchised so that we can maintain our level of quality with our customers and our employees. We strive to be open to people’s problems, questions and concerns. Compared to other headshops, we are a lot friendlier and that’s something that can be easily lost when going the franchise route.

Who is your favourite heady artist?

It’s hard to narrow it down to one, especially with the local artists who have some amazing talent. I would have to say that my fave heady artist would be Chris Carlson because of his use of abstract art and innovative ideas, his collaboration work with other artists and his chip work.

What is your most prized piece?

I don’t own too many pieces, but my most prized piece that has never been used would have to be a signed slyme encalmo rig by Canadian artist Nish Jajal. We have the largest Nish selection in Canada and knowing him personally makes the piece that more special.

What is the best method for cleaning glass items?

Usually isopropyl alcohol but we also sell a wide variety of glass and plastic premium cleaners for glass. For glass I would suggest Orange Chronic which is an instant cleaning solution. For plastic, I would suggest 421 cleaner which also works well on metal items.

What is your opinion on the counter culture industry and where it's headed?

I think the possibilities are endless and could be easily mixed with the dispensary industry in the future, if it is legalized. There’s continuously new products being made and new innovative ideas that stray from the normal or old way of doing things. I’m always excited and anxious to see new ideas and items because chances are we’ll buy it and sell it to our customers. We gain a lot from their feedback which in turn helps the creator of the product and us as retailers.

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