About Us

Our Crazy Story

Crazy Bill's Cannabis Culture is a family owned and operated marijuana paraphernalia shop. In 2000, Anne Marie and Bill wanted to open a business in downtown Brantford and they decided to open a convenience store. When they told people about their plan they usually responded with “Are you crazy Bill?” The store has expanded incredibly, focusing on cannabis culture and opening two additional stores in Hamilton (downtown and on the mountain). The stores hold a great reputation in the cannabis culture community, offering relevant education around marijuana and the many associated advocacy groups to ensure customers have the right facts before moving forward with a purchase. In a culture where big stores are taking over with an "every man for themselves" mentality, the Crazy Bill's family is proud to stay involved in the Brantford and Hamilton communities. Once a year they clear all of their shelves and donate their food products to the local food banks. To anyone who knocks on their door, they are always happy to help in any way that they can.

Return Policy

STOP!! READ BEFORE USING PRODUCT IN ANY WAY OR FORM. PLEASE EXAMINE PRODUCT FOR ANY DAMAGE, IF GLASS WATER PIPE PLEASE DO A WATER TEST TO ENSURE THERE ARE NO LEAKS AND THAT IT IS FUNCTIONING PROPERLY. ALL RETURNS MUST BE PRE-AUTHORIZED! PLEASE SPEAK WITH A SALES ASSOCIATE TO GET RETURN AUTHORIZATION BEFORE SENDING BACK ANY GOODS. NON-AUTHORIZED RETURNS WILL BE REJECTED BY OUR RETURNS MANAGER AND NO REFUND WILL BE ISSUED. Crazy Bill's is #1 in customer service but we maintain reasonable standards for returned items,as dictated to us by the manufacturers. As part of our reasonable terms and conditions of doing business together, you agree to notify Crazy Bill's verbally or in email about any shipment shortages or invoice overcharges (incorrect prices, incorrect items, etc.) within 2 business days of reciept of the merchandise. After this time if Crazy Bill's is notified of any shortage or overcharge it will be at the sole discretion of Crazy Bill's to accept or deny any claim. DUE TO SANITARY AND SAFETY ISSUES; VAPORIZER, GRINDER AND OTHER MANUFACTURERS WILL NOT LET US RETURN USED PRODUCTS. It is imperative that the customer return any USED products directly to the manufacturer where warranty cards are provided. This will assist the manufacturer in determining what went wrong with their product and improve future models. WE INSPECT ALL ELECTRONIC PRODUCTS BEFORE LEAVING OUR PREMISES. ALL GENERAL MERCHANDISE RETURNS

  • WE CANNOT ACCEPT RETURNS OF USED MERCHANDISE OR ANY PARTIAL BOXES OF MERCHANDISE. All returns must be completely full boxes with all of their original packing materials. We are not allowed to issue "partial box credits".

We thank you in advance for following our returns policy. We hope you understand our goal is to provide the best service possible.

Delivery Policy

For delivery with our goods and services sold through our website we have CanPar ship to the customers. CanPar ships nationwide, and internationally as well. When your order has been completely processed through our check out we will ship your order within 2 days of receiving the payment. The delivery times are set by CanPar. If your order is sent within the province of Ontario it generally takes 2-4 business days. However if you live outside of the province of Ontario, delivery could take up to 7 business days. The delivery times are completely dependent on CanPar and their availability. With any other North American sales to the United States or with International shipping please take into consideration wait times with customs which are unforeseen delays at times and can make for deliveries to be a bit longer of a wait. CanPar does not deliver on weekends or holidays. The shipping costs and options are shown on our checkout and rush delivery is available at an extra cost. Taxes are added to your order and to the shipping costs as well. Currency exchange can be made on our end via email to make sales and transactions easier if applicable. We always provide the customer with a tracking number. Please contact us via email at crazybills@hotmail.com with any shipping or delivery concerns.

Privacy Policy

This privacy policy is in accordance with Canada's Federal Personal Information Protection and Electronic Departments Act. It seeks to establish rules to govern the collection, use and disclosure of personal information by electronic means by private organizations. Your privacy is our concern. We recognize the importance of safeguarding your personal information. We collect and retain information in order to communicate with you, to process your request for goods and services, as well as to inform you with our newsletters. We do not sell, share, lend or lease any customer or financial information to anyone. We use the information collected only for completing the task for which you visited the website. If you have questions or concerns regarding our privacy policy please contact us crazybills@hotmail.com Our site uses a variety of security technologies to protect your personal information. When information is transmitted over the internet we protect through use of encryption, such as the SSL protocol.From time to time the private policy is changed due to advancing technology, new laws etc. You should always read the privacy policy of any site you visit, even if you have been there before, just to make sure nothing has changed. We would not use your information in a manner that is not in accordance with this privacy policy.

Terms & Conditions

Seller possesses the executive right to accept or refuse any and all orders. No bid, offer or quotation shall be valid or binding upon Seller, and no order shall and no sale shall be final, until such order or sale shall be acknowledged in writing by seller.

Buyer may not cancel or modify any order, without seller’s prior consent and then only upon payment to seller for all applicable costs incurred by seller, including labor, equipment and supplies and shipping for lost profits on cancelled or modified orders. Order changes or additions received after original order has been processed will be treated as a new order.