Boost Your Mental And Physical Health With Marijuana

Mary Jane has long been the centre of controversy. Fortunately with its legalization in Ontario, the drug continues to inch towards the positive spotlight with evidence constantly emerging that suggests the main compounds of marijuana (THC and CBD) are useful for treating physical problems and addressing psychological concerns. Let’s dive into these merits of medical marijuana!

Marijuana and your mental health

Anxiety, bipolar disorder, PTSD, depression. I’m sure we’ve all seen or heard about the statistics rising each day as more and more people are being diagnosed with one mental issue or another. Fortunately in such circumstances, marijuana comes forth as a beacon of hope that may help patients deal with their poor mental health.

Furthermore, marijuana has actually been applauded for its role in preserving memory as it enhances the brain’s capability and delivers therapeutic effects, which boosts information retention, focus, learning ability, and comprehension.

Stress and anxiety are two other major psychiatric concerns that marijuana can help with. The cannabis present in the plant that enters the bloodstream helps to relax the body, promoting a feeling of calmness.

Marijuana and your physical health

The main chemicals in marijuana interact with the body cells to improve gut function while enhancing the immune response. This helps to deal with physical health issues such as irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn’s disease and many others. Marijuana is notably credited for its role in helping alleviate chronic pain.

The credit for the usefulness of marijuana for physical health goes to cannabinoids. These are the active chemicals present in our beautiful green friend. They share similarity with chemicals made by the body and involved in the memory, movement, pain and appetite. This is why research indicates that cannabinoids may help lessen inflammation and subsequently reduce pain, slow tumour growth and kill cancer cells. As if those aren’t enough benefits of marijuana, it can actually help with boosting lung capacity as well.

It’s clear that marijuana yields several health merits including enhanced mental wellbeing while improving your physical health. Let’s just take a minute to recap here – marijuana helps relieve chronic pain, boosts cognitive performance, fights cancer cells, and improves lung capacity among many other things. No wonder our girl Mary Jane is finally free and legal! Smoke up and live long friends!