Cannabis and Medicine
How To Use Cbd Oil

With the legalization of marijuana in Canada in 2018, the use of CBD oil has become increasingly popular and is being considered more and more for conditions such as muscle aches, pain, anxiety, better sleep and even c..

Cannabis and Medicine
Happy Father's Day!

From the foodie to the chill dad, we have the Father’s Day gift guide for the world’s greatest dads out there. Do you smoke with your dad? Maybe you know your pop smokes, but you haven’t shared that special bonding ..

Cannabis and Medicine
How Cannabis Can Bring Relief To Common Aches And Pains

We’ve heard this time and time again, cannabis is a great medicinal help to more serious ailments like cancer, seizures, ADHD and more. We bet you didn’t know that cannabis can also be a good thing to help with the common..

Cannabis and Medicine
Boost Your Mental And Physical Health With Marijuana

Mary Jane has long been the centre of controversy. Fortunately with its legalization in Ontario, the drug continues to inch towards the positive spotlight with evidence constantly emerging that suggests the main compounds of mar..

Cannabis and Medicine
Top 10 Benefits Of Marijuana Sse

As the legalization of marijuana continues to take place across North America, scientists now have the chance to see what cannabis actually does on a mass scale. Even though some of us already know it, the rest of the world is finall..

Cannabis and Medicine
Weed For Women

With #InternationalWomensDay having just past, we thought we would write a little something for all of our women stoners out there. As much as some of would just love to deny it, who run the world? GIRLS! More than just a hobby or on..

Cannabis and Medicine
Cannabis And Exercise - The Runner's High

Move over endorphins, there’s a new kid in town If you’ve ever been a runner, or gym-rat, or known someone who has, then you might be aware of the term “runner’s high.”  The sensation can be descri..

Cannabis and Medicine
Medical Marijuana Changes

Due to the repeal of the Marihuana Medical Access Regulations (MMAR) in March 2014, Health Canada can no longer sell marijuana for medical purposes. Under current regulations, patients must find a doctor who can help them register wi..

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