Weed For Women

Weed For Women

With #InternationalWomensDay having just past, we thought we would write a little something for all of our women stoners out there. As much as some of would just love to deny it, who run the world? GIRLS! More than just a hobby or one-time experience, women are discovering that weed may just be their long-lost companion. Check out these great benefits women derive from their best gal pal, Mary Jane.

1. Weight maintenance

As it turns out, THC stimulates our metabolisms and allow our bodies to better break down carbohydrates. Basically a dream come true for females! Researchers are also finding that regular weed consumers have lower BMI’s, smaller waist circumferences, a lowered risk of obesity and find it easier to maintain their weight. Light one up and step on that scale ladies.

2. Women get high faster than men

Just one more thing to add to the list that women are better than men at. Studies have shown that women have an increased sensitivity to marijuana due to their production of estrogen. This is especially true during a women’s ovulation period.

3. Alleviates PMS symptoms

Given the plant’s molecular similarities to estrogen, weed helps to stabilize hormones whereas OTC medications merely treat the symptoms. So PMS symptoms like bloating, migraines, cramps, headaches, hot flashes, chills and sleep disturbances can all be alleviated by smoking weed.

4. May alleviate pregnancy symptoms

We understand that cannabis use during pregnancy is an increasingly controversial subject, especially as legalization continues to sweep the country. While the use of any substance is not recommended during pregnancy, there are women who report smoking weed to combat morning sickness and other early pregnancy symptoms.

5. Improve your sex life

Weed has been shown to not only decrease anxiety, but to heighten physical sensations and even strengthen orgasms by increasing blood flow. Helping to enhance sexual creativity and leading to more experimentation or out-of-the-box thinking, smoking weed can have a very positive effect on your sex life.

Women deal with so much in their personal and professional lives. Between juggling family, friends and colleagues, smoking weed gives you a moment to stop, relax and just enjoy life. So grab your best girlfriends, pass one around and reap in the benefits ladies.