Sativa Versus Indica

Sativa Versus Indica

Consider sativa and indica plants siblings within the marijuana family. Although they have some similarities in their personalities and their physical attributes, they also have some major differences that make them unique in their own way. And just like every parent, we could never choose a favourite between these two. What we can do is explain some of the key differences between the two strains so that you can decide which one is better for you.

In general, the effect of sativa strains is often described as a strong and uplifting head high, while indicas tend to produce a more body-centered, stoned effect. Based on the natural variations in plant chemistry, a rule of thumb is that sativa works on the mind, and indica on the body.

Sativa Traits
Energizing and uplifting
Stimulates creativity and thoughts
Promotes sense of wellbeing
Relieves headaches and migraines
Reduces nausea
Relieves depression
Increases serotonin
Ideal for daytime use
Indica Traits
Relaxing and laid back
Relieves pain and aches
Reduces anxiety and stress
Aids sleep
Reduces inflammation
Helps relieve spasms and seizures
Increases dopamine
Ideal for night time use


Difference in Growth

Sativa strains tend to grow tall and can often tower anywhere between 1-3 meters inside or up to 5 meters when grown outside. They tend to be long and thin but can also grow quite full into a bush when left untrimmed. Ideally, they are suited well for outdoor growing. The indica cannabis strains tend to be shorter and bushy in stature. Their leaves are fat and a dark green colour, which is due to the higher amount of chlorophyll. Indicas produce heavy and fragrant buds and tend to have a shorter flowering period than sativas which is why they are best to grow indoors.

If you want the best of both worlds there is also the hybrid strain which is a combination of both sativa and indica strains. This plant has actually been bred to combine the traits of the two strains.

So which strain is right for you? Just like when you’re trying to choose between smoking or a joint or hitting the vape, you have to go with your gut. Lucky for you, whichever strain you choose, Crazy Bills has all the accessories you need to enjoy the high.