Project Claudia

I’m sure by now everyone has read the information about the shut down of the “illegal dispensaries” in Toronto Canada dubbed Project Claudia. Nearly 186 people got charged for the raid along with 90 people being arrested. This is the biggest drug raid we’ve seen since the 70’s! The police involved broke through store fronts waving warrants to seize marijuana and other items as well, such as edibles, sodas and $160,000 in cash! Police say the raids targeted 43 of 88 known storefront marijuana dispensaries. They ended up seizing 269 kilos of dried cannabis, 71 kilos of chocolate edibles, 129 kilos of candy edibles, 64 kilos of sodas and liquids and 23 grams of cocaine.  Now I’m sure we are all sitting here thinking… “its going to be legal soon anyways this is just a waste of time”. Police have better things to do than bust some dispensaries when its going to be legal next year. There is an issue that arises, the biggest complaint made by officials is that “there are no regulations”. In a proper dispensary all marijuana should be put through testing and labelled accordingly. In my opinion when they say it isn’t “regulated” it means they aren’t dipping their hands in the money jar, when it becomes legal next year, the government is going to be rolling in money though taxation, so therefore they are mad that they aren’t seeing any of that money with the dispensaries. There is no victim here, dispensaries have no victim so why are the police wasting their time with this? Let us medicate. I urge people to make themselves aware. A police chief issues a statement saying “we have to have an environment where it is regulated properly by the government so that there is a standard.” It doesn’t even sound like he knows what he is talking about, all the officials gave very brief and vague statements about this issue which in result raises a red flag. How do you feel about Operation Claudia?

Thanks for taking the time to make yourself aware of this issue.

-Crazy Bills Anonymous