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Tasty Puff Flavour Drops

Tasty Puff Flavour Drops


Tasty Puff Flavour Drops in a ¼ oz dropper bottle. Smells and tastes great! Masks odor too! Flavor your smokables with Tasty Puff Flavour Drops – available in a huge array of amazing flavors. 400 drops per bottle – a little goes a long way!

Works great for:

  • pipe tobacco
  • legal smoking blends
  • herbs
  • shisha
  • e-cigarettes
  • cigars and cigarillos

All of our flavours are true to taste and scent.

*Note: This is not E-Juice. It cannot be vaped on its own. Although, it can be added to any e-liquid base, to enhance the flavor at about a 10% ratio (6 drops per tank).  It does not vape well by itself and it is too strong to use on its own in this way, but it makes an amazing flavor enhancer for e-cigarettes.


Additional information

Weight0.05 kg
Dimensions2 × 5 cm

Awesome Apple, Blueberry Thrill, California Orange, Chick Magnet Cherry, Chronic Hypnotic, Chumpy Chocolate, Sinful Cinnamon, Cockamamie Clove, Convicted Watermelon, Cotton Mouth Candy, Electric Banana, Ghetto Grape, Joosy Froot, Jungle Juice, Lemon Lime Kamikaze, Mango Tango, Cool Menthol, Mr. Bubble, Nilly Vanilla, Pimpy Fresh Peach, Power Plant Pomegranate, Puckered Up Pineapple, Rasta Rootbeer, Rippin' Raspberry, Strawberry Cough, Spiffy Spearmint, Toke A Cola, Sweet Leaf, Purple Haze, Flower Power, Puffin' Pear, Armageddon Amaretto, Bangin' Birthday Cake, Shameless Champagne, Black Jack Licorice, Chillin' Cheesecake, Coffee Talk, Digable Dragon Fruit, Energy Flash, Groovy Guava, Haus of Hazelnut, Hella Honey, Hyper Honeydew, Kooky Kiwi, Trippin' Toffee, In Your Wildest Creams, Crazy Coconut


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