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Sneak Guard Container

Sneak Guard Container


The SneakGuard CombiFresh takes the stash container to a whole new level by integrating security, safety and freshness into a single locking, air-tight, vacuum sealed, humidity regulated marijuana storage device.

Beyond safety and security, SneakGuard keeps your plant material, edibles and other products fresh, which translates into maximum potency and great taste for much longer than what you will get using a more traditional stash container like a plastic bag or a mason jar.

In developing the CombiFresh, we immersed ourselves in the science of cannabis storage and discovered that light, heat, air, humidity and friction all play a role in degrading the safety and quality of marijuana, so we designed it to eliminate them from the storage environment – and it didn’t take research for us to know what a risk other people and even family pets can pose, so we integrated the combination lock to keep them out as well.

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Weight5 kg
Dimensions30 × 30 × 30 cm


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