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Smokey Socks Collection

Smokey Socks Collection


The Smokey Socks collection offers a plethora of designs that are geared towards you! Each pair of socks are hand-stitched and include a special comfort padding feature that help withstand the rigors of everyday use. A seamless toe, under sole cushioning, and mesh ventilation panels will keep your feet dry and at ease. Designed for both Men and Women. One Size Fits All!

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Weight2 kg
Dimensions30 × 15 × 20 cm

Classic Green, Classic Grey/Black, Classic Red, Classic White, All-Stars – Grey, High as a Bird- Black, High as a Bird- Grey, Ladder- Black with Rasta Leaves, Ladder- Black with Green Leaves, Ladder- Black with Pink Leaves, Ladder- Grey with Pink Leaves, Ladder- White with Green Leaves, Ladder- Purple with White Leaves, Cannabis Camo- Green, Cannabis Camo- Pink, Nugget- Plain Black, Nugget- Paisley Red, OG- Death Row, OG- Disneyland, OG- El Hefe, OG- Nugg Jars, Classic OG- Green, Classic OG- Purple, Classic OG- Red, Classic OG- Royal Blue, Clean- Red, Clean-White, Kneehi- Rasta, Kneehi- Yellow, Swirl- Rasta, El Cappy Blunts- Blacks, El Cappy Blunts- White, DJ DIK- Cones, DJ DIK- Private Reserve, DJ DIK- Shatter & Carb Cap, DJ DIK- Shatter Curling Back Print, DJ DIK- Shatter Print, DJ DIK- Shatter with Dabber Print


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