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Randy’s Chill

Randy’s Chill


The Randy’s Chill is the world’s first freezable tube vaporizer.

This vaporizer features 2 hand-blown mouthpieces, one being a freezable tube. The freeze tube is specially designed to provide cool smoke and vapor with less irritation and is the first of its kind on the market! The second mouthpiece is an aqua bubbler for portable water filtration that provides a smoother delivery compared to standard mouthpieces.

Each kit comes with a dual quartz coil for concentrates and a ceramic dish coil for dry herb. These coils provide 6 total temperature phases at 3 per coil! Built-in storage is included on the bottom of the vaporizer for extra coil and tool stashing so you always have what you need on the go.

Kit contents:

  • Chill Vaporizer
  • Freezable Tube
  • Aqua Bubbler
  • Dry Herb Coil
  • Concentrate Coil
  • Metal Tool
  • USB Charger
  • Metal Screens

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Black, Blue, Silver