How Much Is Too Much?

How Much Is Too Much?

When it comes to marijuana there can be quite a few hard questions such as “What type, strain or product should I use?” “How should I take it?” “How much should I take?” The only honest answer we can really give you for sure is it’s impossible to know. Our best advice is to start off slow and try small amounts of everything until you find a suitable amount for you. Another common question we come across is “How much is too much?”

Again, this can be a tough question because so much of the answer depends on your condition. Putting aside the variables, could it be said that for many people there is such a thing as too much cannabis? Well, you can’t overdose on using cannabis alone, so the chance of death is off the table. Therefore, physically speaking, you cannot consume so much cannabis that you kill yourself, which isn’t the case when it comes to alcohol and other forms of drugs. However, just because you can’t OD on cannabis doesn’t mean there might not be a problem with overconsumption, at least for some people.

Although it’s rare, some people form a condition called cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome (CHS) after using cannabis daily or weekly for a long time, usually more than 2-3 years if not longer. CHS can cause severe cyclic nausea and vomiting after the consumption of cannabis, which can only be alleviated by hot baths/showers, and ultimately, stopping the use of cannabis. One of the theories behind CHS is that the antiemetic properties of THC and CBD undergo a “reversal” of effects and begin to induce vomiting when they’re in high concentrations in the body. This means that, just as cannabinoids can prevent vomiting, they can cause it as well if in high enough concentrations.

Other than this, are there any other times when cannabis use can be said to be “chronic”? Well, just as with anything else, if using cannabis is interfering with other areas of your life and you have a compulsion to use cannabis despite the negative consequences then the term “chronic” may be used. Although cannabis is not psychologically addictive, around 10% of users may develop a condition called “cannabis misuse disorder” which describes psychological addiction and the craving to use more regardless of any negatives.

A person constantly missing out on work, social and other life activities due to marijuana use could be said to be suffering from “cannabis misuse disorder”. However, if the person is functional and carrying on with their life unaffected in any way, then it is difficult to say whether or not them using cannabis regularly is “chronic”. This is doubly the case if using cannabis is actually improving their lives and/or mitigating a serious health condition.

So is there such a thing as too much cannabis, and can use become chronic? The answer is quite simply, yes. However, in comparison to many other substances, cannabis has a much lower addiction rate, is far safer, and is generally easy to stop using for most people. The withdrawal from cannabis is not deadly, and for many there is barely any discomfort when cannabis use stops suddenly. Frankly, it could be said that processed sugar is a far bigger addiction problem, yet the term “chronic sugar misuse” doesn’t seem to enter our vocabulary. Maybe it’s time we reassess what addiction is and how we treat it…

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