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How 710 Came About

How 710 Came About
July 5, 2017 CrazyBill
What is 710?


Every stoner knows that 420 is the national marijuana holiday, what about 710 though? 420 always used to describe and celebrate marijuana, but within the last few years someone decided that marijuana concentrates needed their own holiday. So now July 10th is the national holiday for concentrates, most likely because if you flip 710 upside down it spells OIL. Concentrates are various forms of high-grade hash, usually made with a process involving butane or hydraulic press. concentrates are a medicinal marijuana product extracted from the plant, it could be the wax you vaporize, the tincture under your tongue, or the orally administered THC-free cannabis CBD oil. The consistencies range from hard shatters, sticky saps, dry crumbles and everything in between. Differences between concentrates depend on a few distinct factors like changes in temperature, moisture and physical agitation.

420 will always be a great reminder of how stoner culture evolved. With its backstory of a group of friends scheduling a session, it speaks to weed’s clandestine history and how that underground status created a social network strong enough to end prohibition. So, what’s the story behind 710? Some people believe it started with the Grateful Dead. Eleven residents of 710 Ashbury St., including two band members, two managers and several women living with the band, were handcuffed together and hauled away by police on Oct. 2, 1967. San Francisco narcotics officers took more than a pound or marijuana and hashish from the residence. The story made the front page of The Chronicle, a band press conference followed and most of the defendants pled guilty to lesser charges and paid a small fine the following year. Is this where it comes from? Or does it go deeper then this?

There are many theories that have come up. However here at Crazy Bill’s it is another reason to celebrate concentrates and the cannabis community. Over the years, we have always had sales on 710 to celebrate the culture, this year we are celebrating with a bang as we open our new store!!  Come visit any of our four locations for our huge sales and even larger selection.

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