Herbivore Diet

Herbivore Diet

Are you beach body ready for the summer yet? Neither are we. That’s why we’re going on an herbivore diet, or what some like to call a marijuana diet. We know, this sounds like an oxymoron considering weed is famous for giving many people the munchies. Although researchers don’t know exactly what it is about the herb that makes it such a useful regulator of blood sugar, or how it manages to speed up your metabolism, the proof is in the four pudding cups your stoner friend just downed in one sitting. Below, we’ve put together a few tips on how to follow the herbivore diet. Just follow these steps and add some weed.

1. Exercise

DUH! Definitely the most obvious tip but still needs to be mentioned. And no, yawning does not count as exercise in this case. Utilize the extra daylight and the warmer weather to get outside and do something active, whether you go for a run, bike ride, rollerblading, or just a simple walk. As long as you’re outside and being active burning calories, you’re not inside rummaging through your pantry to satisfy those munchies. Plus, you can wear your sunglasses outside.

2. Pick the right strain

Contrary to popular belief, not all marijuana strains will give you the munchies. Stick to strains that have high levels of THCV to avoid going on a food rampage after smoking up. With this strain, the effects don’t last as long, and it actually acts as an appetite suppressant. Not only does it improve your metabolism, but some of its strains may actually help to prevent diabetes.

3. Sleep

You heard it here first, we officially give you permission to sleep! After you light one up and smoke some, go right to sleep. This will prevent you from grabbing those munchies. Although we have heard that sleep eating is a thing…

4. Quit drinking

Health aspects aside, alcohol is very rich in calories and it comes with absolutely no nutritional values. Plus, your cravings may increase even more when you drink, making your chances greater for giving into those cravings and reaching for those munchies.

5. Bong appetite!

You’ve heard the saying losing weight is all about what you eat right? If you’re looking for some healthy meals that actually incorporate marijuana, check out one of our recent blogs – Bong Appetite! You’ll find lots of great meal ideas and recipes that make following the herbivore diet easy and delicious.