How To Choose The Right Bong For You

How To Choose The Right Bong For You

Whether your current piece is broken, or you’re just in the mood for a new high, you may be seriously thinking about buying a new bong. Even if you are happy with your current one, every bong could use a partner, or a whole party! Besides, let’s be real, what stoner isn’t always on the lookout for a new bong?

With so many different options to choose from, not even including all of the vaporizers, pipes, chillums and other smoking devices, trying to find the right bong for you can be overwhelming. From glass and acrylic/plastic pieces to ceramic and wooden pieces, the options are endless. Each and every one of these possibilities have their own benefits but ultimately, buying a bong is a matter of personal preference. Unfortunately, gaining all of the knowledge about all of the options can take years of experience, just ask Willie Nelson. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to purchasing a bong that is right for you.

The first question you should ask yourself is what kind of environment will the bong will be in? Without doing too much research, it becomes pretty apparent that bongs are not cheap so it’s important to consider how you are going to use it. Are you going to use it daily? Weekly? Is it going to be a personal piece or it is going to be a pass it around and share with everyone piece? How often are you really going to clean it? All of these questions should be considered when you’re making your decision, whether it’s your first or your twentieth bong purchase. If you’re looking to buy a personal piece just for yourself to use and you’re confident it will be kept safe you should look into trying out a really technical bong. They are more on the expensive side but the cool and clean hits they produce along with the optimal THC absorption is worth the extra money.

The next question you want to ask yourself is what kind of material are you looking for? Glass is always a classic choice since it’s a material that is hard to go wrong with. Although many get discouraged from buying glass since it is breakable there are many glass bongs out there that are quite sturdy and ideal for casual, everyday use. Soft glass tends to be a good thickness as long as you’re cautious when setting it down because the glass is thinner in the blown-out bottom chamber. Ceramic bongs are another popular choice due to their fun, crazy and beautiful designs. They tend to be smaller because of their heavy material but still offer a very pure tasting hit. Due to their unique shapes, ceramic bongs can be difficult to clean so these are optimal for infrequent usage. Plastic bongs are the cheapest and are similar to a clear glass bong but often coloured so that you can see the quality of the water. This type of bong is the right choice if you are strapped for money or just looking for a spare to haul around with you on your journeys. Finally, the bamboo bong is not much heavier but definitely more durable than a plastic bong. You cannot get more authentic than a bamboo bong. The term “bong” comes from the Thai word baung, which is the name of a cylindrical bamboo tube that people in Thailand have been smoking out of for thousands of years. These bongs last a long time and can be very decorative due to the artist’s ability to carve or burn beautiful designs on them.

The size is also an important consideration. Keep in mind, the bigger the bong, the better chance it has of breaking as they take up more room and are more often in the way of other activities. If you decide to buy a piece on the bigger side, be sure to have a safe place to store it such as on a high shelf or under your bed. Don’t just leave it on your living room table or in the garage where you run the risk of someone accidentally knocking it over.

Now that you are aware of the different styles and sizes of your bong-buying options, you can determine your budget. Although they can get expensive quickly, once you know what attributes you’re looking for, finding the perfect bong within your price range becomes that much easier. If you have any other questions be sure to ask one of our experts working at any of our Crazy Bill’s locations and they will be happy to help you. Once you’ve actually purchased that perfect bong the only question left to ask is who is packing the first bowl?