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Bill 45

Bill 45
May 11, 2016 CrazyBill

The new vape laws in Ontario have raised a lot of discussion. For me the issues lay with medicinal users, these individuals require their medicinal marijuana for health purposes. The law states that people can not vape in public areas such as patios, on the street, and so on. Medicinal users are being denied their right to take their medicine, and the times they need to vape aren’t always going to be in their homes. I thought the government was willing to work with medical cannabis users to create a regulation and an exemption that works for both the public health and public safety and medical marijuana users, but it seems like this backtrack has kind of made it fully inaccessible for people to use their medicine, which I believe is against their human rights. Another issue that arises is the idea of vapes not being able to be displayed in stores. Without our displays we are at a loss, customers will not be able to properly see their vape options at hand. Of course people can always look online for vape options but they will not receive one on one interactions with the sales associate, the associate provides personal experiences with the vape to the customer which is crucial for finding the proper options for our customers. If this law passes then both users and businesses are going to be at a loss, if you feel you want to fight back against this ban then please send a letter or write an email to the MP.



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