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Ancaster Bong Shop

Crazy Bill’s is Ancaster’s Friendly Local Bong Shop

We’ve got bongs in every type, size and colour for all of your 420 needs.

Crazy Bill’s is a family owned and operated bong shop just a short drive from Ancaster. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff are ready to help you have a great shopping experience and find the perfect glassware for your budget.

With new stock arriving regularly, we have a huge range of bongs in every brand, type and colour you can think of, with tons of sweet accessories too. Choose from brands like Cheech & Chong, GEAR, Gravitron, Sheldon and more. Shop online or visit Crazy Bill’s in Ancaster to bring home your new bong today.


Ancaster Bong Shop

Whether you’re buying your first bong or adding to the collection, Crazy Bill’s has something for everyone. We have a wide variety of glassware in stock, with new arrivals coming all the time. Choose from From Cheech & Chong, GEAR, Red Eye, Gravitron and more.

Check out our online shop or swing by our store to cruise through our selection and pick out your new bong today!

Prices starting at $44.99

Crazy Bill's Cannabis Culture - bongs, pipes, papers, vaporizers - Hamilton and Brantford


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