Ona Spray - 1.5oz, Apple Crumble
Ona Spray - 12mL, Apple Crumble
Ona Spray - 8oz, Apple Crumble
Ona Spray - 8oz, Fresh Linen
Ona Spray - 8oz, Pro
Ona Spray

Ona Spray

Ona  Spray The ONA odor neutralizing products consist of complex formulations representing a variety of chemical compounds offering different functionalities, both structural and chemical. The technology behind ONA was initiated over 25 years ago. The scientist who invented ONA became fascinated when he observed that terpenes, when diffused into the environment, reduced odors and unwanted emissions. Inspired by this finding, further evidence showed that the odors were not just masked but permanently removed. The result was a set of specialized formulations that neutralize a wide spectrum of organic and inorganic odor problems — effectively, efficiently and permanently. ONA formulations have been scientifically engineered to be environmentally safe. ONA is manufactured under strict quality controls to ensure a safe and non-toxic product. The components used to make ONA are generally recognized as safe and have been commonly used in the food and cosmetics industries with a long history of safety. Available in Apple Crumble
-12mL Spray Card
-1.5oz Spray
-8oz Spray Fresh Linen
-8oz Spray Ona Pro
-8oz Spray

$3.99 – 12.99 CAD