Volcano Classic Vaporizer

Volcano Classic Vaporizer


Tested and certified product safety and quality
Vaporisation temperature adjustable between approx. 266°F and 446°F (130°C and 230°C)
Robust, completely electromechanical design
Three year warranty
Temperature accuracy ±9°F (±5°C)
Dimensions: 7.9 x 7.1 inch (20.0 x 18.0 cm)
Weight: 3.5 lbs ( 1.6 kg)

An independent temperature fuse, Air Filter and silencer are naturally included in our VOLCANO Vaporisers, as is a specially designed aluminium heat exchanger, which brings the air both cleanly and reliably to the desired temperature. Choose from Easy Valve or Solid Valve Options

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24.13 x 25.4 x 20.32 cm